Message from G H Luck

January 19, 2024

Hello Brookview Community:

As you know the traffic situation on Bulyea Road presents many challenges, including commuters using Bulyea Road as a shortcut to the Whitemud. Our first priority is student safety and while the school has done many things to address this, the congestion remains concerning.

We noticed a significant escalation to the congestion on Bulyea Road during the recent cold snap. There have been many safety concerns regarding dangerous driving brought to our attention. While the school is doing everything possible to address the situation, it is going to take the whole community, coming together, to keep students safe while they're going to and from school.

As you travel through the community, please remember that many students are crossing Bulyea Road to get to school. Please stop at crosswalks and wait for students to cross. The drive-thru in front of the school is reserved for parents of George H. Luck School only.  The area around the school is very busy and we appreciate your patience while waiting in backed up traffic to ensure our students get safely into school.

Thank you for watching out for our students!  Your diligence, kindness and support is valued as we work together to keep our students and school community safe.


Yours in appreciation and partnership,

Debra Mielke