History of the Crier

I moved into Brookview in 1999 and fell in love with the area almost immediately.  I joined the Homeowners Association as the Treasurer in 2000, later becoming President for many years throughout the next 17 years.  One of the first things I proposed to the board when I started was to create the website for Brookview.  I created and maintained www,brookview.ca for the first few initial years. Over the years I had accumulated many email addresses and started to use them to communicated important messages out to the Brookview community.  During this time I became involved with a group of community leaders in the greater Riverbend communities and together with a handful of colleaguess we created the Terwillegar Riverbend Advisory Council or TRAC.  Our greatest accomplishment was to bring the Rec Centre to Leger decades before the City had planned. In 2006, the First Time Homeowners project began and Brookview was slated to have a portion of its greenspace taken for town houses.  The Brookview Crier was born and really took momentum to communicate news of the project to the Brookview residents.  I also created a simular group for Whitemud Hills and then merged the two into an Alerts group that now exceeds 1700 recipients.  The Alerts was used primarily for EPS alerts from the now retired Sgt LArry Langley. Today the Brookview Crier reaches out to over 650 residents.

Harold Hornig, The Crier