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Please be careful in mornings and evenings.  Coyote sighting on Buchanan Road 514 cul de sac.  Keep your pets safe.

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If you own a large dog, please hang on to the leash tightly when passing walkers.  Last week a neighbour was bitten on the upper arm by one.  Luckily he had a winter coat on.  Then a few days ago a dog knocked my friend down causing multiple injuries to her right side.   To ER by ambulance. Broken right wrist that has a cast but waiting for surgery next week (hopefully) and right shoulder and hip a mess.  Excruciating pain.  Both large dogs on a leash but when they lunged forward, owners couldn’t hold them off.  Drs said it will take months to heal and she can’t do anything. 

So please be mindful of others.