Message from BHOA / BCAL Regarding Brick Road Sign Feature Re-Landscaping



Hello Brookview Homeowners,

On behalf of the BHOA / BCAL board and the Beautification Subcommittee, we want to provide an update on the neighborhood brick road signs that are getting a landscaping renewal.

This year, we are working on the Burton Road and Buchanan Road signs, 7 in total.  The finished product will include both rock and planting features.  As of today, the rock features are largely complete.  Plantings will be done in the spring of 2020 when there is a better selection of the trees and bushes that have been selected, so this is still a work in progress.  The trees and bushes will offset the boulders on opposite sides of the Burton Road signs to add live color.  The Buchanan Road signs will be rock feature appearance only for minimal maintenance at the request of the homeowners on whose properties they sit.  Additional brick road signs will be worked on in future years as budgets permit.

Sample photos of a Burton Road and Buchanan Road sign along with expected tree / shrub plantings are below.






Eyes to See - Ears to Hear - A Voice to tell your Neighbours


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The Crier Announcement System was created to make residents aware of issues that concern all of the surrounding areas of Riverbend/Terwillegar/Windermere.   Issues include crime awareness and community announcements and any other news worthy items, as well as allow the residents express their concerns and opinions about matters that are important to the general community. The Crier concept is based on the idea of the old town crier of medieval England.  The town crier would walk the streets ringing his bell, shouting "Hear Ye, hear Ye",  followed by an important community announcement.  The Crier is the property of and controlled solely by resident Harold Hornig. 

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