Bad Drivers in Brookview



Sent: Friday, October 4, 2019 11:04:25 AM
Subject: STOP sign is there for a reason, RESPECT!


Dear neighbours:


As a long time residents in Brookview area, we have seen many violations and careless driving in our area. Driving exceed 50km/h or not stopping at STOP signs on Burton Road, Buchanan Road, Butchart Dr. and etc, is not acceptable. When you come to an intersection, please make a FULL stop at the STOP sign, being impatient, honking, giving hand gestures won't make you go faster. This morning we encountered again an impatient driver at Burton Road and Bulyea Road right across from Husky gas station. This Caucasian gentleman in a silver Porsche SUV did not make a full stop at the STOP sign, also made a wide right turn to try to pass other vehicles on the road. As we drove behind drivers like that, how do we teach our children about traffic safety. Please respect traffic rules and respect your Brookview residents/visitors. 




Concerned residents